9 Best Gifts for the Fishermen in your Life in 2023

9 Best Gifts for the Fishermen in your Life in 2023

We all want to buy the perfect gift for the fishermen in our life. These are gifts that are useful, valuable, and memorable created by fishermen for fishermen. (For all those looking for the perfect gift - I recruited my own fisherman husband to help me write this list of gifts that he thinks are either useful, memorable, or he can’t leave the dock without!)


1. Most Valuable: Spiderco Knife

Spider makes a great knife. They have versions that don’t rust. For fishermen a rusty knife is always a problem and a hazard. Not only is it more likely to give you tetanus, a rusty knife just won’t stay sharp. A great knife any fisherman or sailor knows can be your #1 lifesaving tool. Super functional and worth the price.

2. Most Stylish: FreeFly Clothing

My husband lives in FreeFly clothing when we’re on the water. Their clothing is made from bamboo, looks nice, and is sweat wicking so it stays cool when you’re in the sun.


3. Most Memorable: Fish Print Art

After your significant other catches the biggest Mahi or grouper of his life wouldn’t it be nice for him to remember it? And not just with a photo! There are many fisherman that like to have their catch mounted on the wall, but mounts are often bulky and might be better left in a man cave. That’s where Fish Print Art comes in - they make canvas art from the imprint of a real fish that hangs on your wall and looks amazing in a modern home. You can choose from the fish they’ve already printed and painted or you can send in the dimensions of the fish your significant other caught and they can make a custom size for you. It’s a great way to commemorate their catch! Check out their website to see all of the fish species they print at fishprintart.com 

Mahi Mahi Wall Art

Artist Jon Kistemaker

Triggerfish Wall Art

4. Most Universal: New Fillet knife + Sharpener

If your significant other doesn’t already have a Bubba Blade    . He could probably use a spare if he already has one, when his buddies show up to the dock without one. My husband likes the Bubba Blade knife, but if you can’t find one don’t be afraid to buy another brand - try to find one with a sheath. He says “a cheap knife with a good sharpener is much more valuable than an expensive knife with no sharpener.”

5. Most Used (Might need to take him shopping to try on): Costa Sunglasses

A new pair of polarized shades goes a long way on the water. Let your man know you care by taking him to a sunglass shop and buying him a new set. Costas are expensive, but they are high quality and have a great repair policy if something breaks.


6. Most Functional: The Huck Bucket

This was actually a suggestion from my father, who is also an avid deep sea fisherman. The Huck Bucket has all these grippy handles that you don’t know you needed until you have them. If you’re thinking to yourself “A bucket as a gift? Really?” I thought the same thing at first, but decided to purchase one for my husband. Turns out, he uses it on our boat everyday and it’s the only bucket he takes on fishing trips. If your significant other is on the water, a handyman, and/or totes around a crusty looking bucket consider upgrading to the Huck Bucket. Very functional gift.



7. Most Price Sensitive: Waterproof Backpack

A sturdy waterproof backpack is nice to have if you’re going to be spending any amount of time on a boat. It rains, water splashes over the bow, and it will give him and you peace of mind knowing his phone and e-perb are kept in a safe place.


8. Most Organizational: The Plano Tacklebox

If your man needs a way to keep his gear, lures, fishing equipment, tools organized then look no further. The Plano Tackleboxes go on most of our trips, even abroad if we know we’re going to be on boats and need to keep things organized and dry.


9. Safest: Garmin inReach Mini

If you want peace of mind when your significant other is out on the water, the Garmin in-reach is a must. It is a lightweight and compact satellite communicator and includes two-way messaging, SOS alerts, location sharing, and even a weather forecast service. 




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